X-Rocket Productions is a multimedia company created and run by Cougar Littlefield since 2009. I have produced everything from short films, graphic designs, short stories, and great gads of poetry. I have an extensive amount of experience in marketing, social networking, team building, leadership and public speaking. I even have some graffiti stenciling experience.

The X-Rocket Productions’ goal is to create meaningful creations capturing the wildest of imagination while developing into something intellectual stimulating and entertaining.

The X-Rocket film productions have won various amounts of awards from Best Film (’09 Cheyenne 24hr Film Festival), Best Director/Art Direction (Cougar Littlefield – Boulder ’09 and Cheyenne ’09 24hr Film Festival) among a variety of others with 24hr Film Festivals, Sony Pictures and various local awards. Many short films have been featured on CNN’s Showbiz Tonight and CNN.com. I have also been published in Boulder Magazine Online Newsletter, Boulder Home and Garden as well as various local news programs. I have just recently published a short story on Amazon.com. I have countless works of poetry, short stories, screenplays, and comic scripts. I have been hired for a multitude of projects ranging from graphic design to creative consulting. I have led teams of 20-60 people, across the globe to help with disaster relief and to help those in need. I have taught and spoke to groups of 50-1000 people. I have experience in counseling along with a degree from the University of Colorado in Communications. I have  also stayed on a real (non-mechanical) bull for 4 seconds. It was epic.

“I am always striving to dig deeper and farther. I want to explore the outer limits of creativity but in an intelligent, meaningful way with a twist. I am a sucker for a twist. I like taking concepts and trying to figure out how to stretch them and enlarge them. I get almost all my energy from people and daydreaming new projects and ideas. I have a fervor to see people become the best they can be.”

-Cougar Littlefield

“You wanna get nuts!? Let’s get nuts!”

– Micheal Keaton, Batman

Cougar Littlefield

-The Poet-

By movements of my hand

I create meaning

Whereas was nothing.

(Copyright 2004 Jeremy Cougar Littlefield)